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patricia goraVision :: The focus of YOGART STUDIO is to build capacity for the next generation to take control of their own health and wellness while conscientiously affecting the direction of their personal growth. Raising levels of mind-body awareness and social responsibility, YOGART STUDIO strives to promote an inspiring and inclusive outlook on responsible social citizenship that grows from each child’s individual perspective on environment, body, and self.

Mission :: YOGART STUDIO offers a more expansive view of childhood and education, an environment to comfort and inspire and allow children the opportunity to reflect on personal identity in relation to their family, peers, community and the world. YOGA is used as a vehicle for mind-body integration to support children’s ability to focus and ART is used as a means to represent their inspiration. Physical and psychosocial wellbeing is supported through yoga and simple relaxation techniques to direct children’s attention to an inspiration (area of focus). That inspiration is then represented through an open-ended art experience.


  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Improve self-regulation and awareness
  • Manage stress and anxiety


Creativity :: YOGART STUDIO defines creativity as a social and cognitive process that involves generating questions/concepts and the ability to make connections between existing concepts. Creative development is viewed as a process that expands on one’s understanding and ability to fuse interpretations and perceptions between the environment, body and self.

Health and Wellness :: YOGART STUDIO views health and wellness beyond the benefits of physical activity to include a platform for children to gain a sense of control and awareness over their bodies and minds and harness the ability to self-regulate their emotions.

Inclusion :: YOGART STUDIO believes that children should have full access to the learning environments available in their community and encourages children to move their bodies in a non-competitive environment and work towards the same goals.

Empathy ::YOGART STUDIO views empathy as the ability to identify with another person’s feelings, take on another person’s perspective, and distinguish one’s own feelings from the feelings of others.

Respect :: YOGART STUDIO believes in fostering a culture of respect that extends to each individual and their opinions, beliefs and contributions.

patricia gora

me and my sweet nephew Ryan

“Early childhood is a critical window when we can create early positive experiences for children and maximize their potential. This is the time to ‘hardwire’ the future generation of problem-solvers and creative thinkers and promote leadership, innovation and responsible social citizenship”

-Patricia Gora