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  • What is it?
  • How does YOGART STUDIO work?
  • How do you know YOGART STUDIO actually works?
  • Why is it called “YOGART” STUDIO?
  • Where is the studio located?
  • Where do you get your art activity ideas from?
  • What style of yoga does YOGART STUDIO follow?
  • Where did you earn your credentials as a yoga teacher?
  • How can I follow YOGART STUDIO?

What is it?  YOGART STUDIO combines the physical and psychological benefits of YOGA and the creative expression of ART to support children in their ability to focus, concentrate, and represent their understanding of a topic. YOGART STUDIO provides children with a new medium for learning and an opportunity to take control of their own health and wellness while conscientiously affecting the direction of their personal growth.

When designing the brand and curriculum behind YOGART STUDIO, I asked myself what values I wanted to communicate and how I wanted children to feel after a YOGART class. YOGART STUDIO is shaped by a personal set of values and draws on my experiences as an Early Childhood Educator, faculty in higher education at Ryerson University’s School of Early Childhood Studies and studio instructor at the Art Gallery of Ontario. For more information see YOGART STUDIO’s vision :: mission :: values page.

Please note that yogartstudio.com highlights my experiences beyond YOGART STUDIO and working directly with children to include my personal practice, art, and life.

How does YOGART STUDIO work? Step #1 – Children are guided through an age appropriate yoga class where emphasis is placed on relaxation and positive imagery techniques to direct their attention to an inspiration (a topic of focus). The topic of focus varies in each class and is structured as an opportunity for children to reflect on their personal identity in relation to their family, peers, community or the world.

Step #2 – Once children have identified their inspiration, art materials and techniques are introduced and children are encouraged to represent their inspiration in a planned art experience. The art experiences vary from class to class and include lessons in: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, and guerrilla art.  Although children are introduced to various techniques relating to the materials, each art activity is structured as an open-ended experience. Meaning that no “cookie-cutter” or “paint by numbers” activities are used! Remember in Kindergarten when you were asked to glue the cotton balls onto the photocopied outline of a lamb or onto Santa’s paper-plate beard? Well, as fun as those activities may have been, you won’t find them at YOGART STUDIO. Instead, a strong emphasis on process and respect for children’s natural creative and artistic abilities is observed.

Click here for a detailed description with photos illustrating the unique flow a YOGART class.

How do you know YOGART STUDIO actually works? The curriculum at YOGART STUDIO is developed from widely used theoretical frameworks in early childhood education (Vygotsky’s sociocultural theoryTools of the Mind and the Reggio Emilia approach) and evidenced-based research (applications of Mindfulness). Applying previously known theories establishes a foundation built on reputable sources.

The yoga framework is based on the teachings and training of the Yoga Alliance recognized International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.

For more information see the YOGART STUDIO curriculum page.

Why did you call it “YOGART” STUDIO? The name YOGART STUDIO was crafted as a playful take on combining YOGA and ART together. Combing two words to create an abbreviated term to signify a single meaning has appeared throughout literature (Humpty Dumpty explains this to Alice in Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking Glass), pop-culture (celebrity couple names like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie =Brange) and in everyday language (spork = spoon + fork; guesstimate = guess + estimate; and a personal favourite, hangry = hungry + angry).

For example: I cannot believe we’ve been waiting for a table for over an hour! I’m so hangry!

Where is the studio located? Currently, YOGART STUDIO is a pop-up studio and perhaps one day I will establish a permanent location –complete with my very own YOGART STUDIO neon sign. To find a YOGART class near you, please visit YOGART STUDIO’s schedule page.

Where do you get your art activity ideas from? My experience at the Art Gallery of Ontario dates back to 2006. Seasoned in designing open-ended, studio-art experiences in the form of workshops, courses, and summer camp programs that compliment gallery exhibits and explore theoretical and technical aspects of art making; I’m confident that children will delight in making art where there are no “right” or “wrong” answers 🙂

What style of yoga does YOGART STUDIO follow? YOGART STUDIO is adapted from the Sivananda style of yoga and combined with my personal experiences/yoga practice. For more information on the Sivananda style of yoga, see the blog post titled: YOGART STUDIO :: à la Sivananda Yoga and for more information on my personal yoga practice/inspiration, see the blog post titled: YOGART STUDIO :: My MISFIT Inspiration.

Where did you earn your credentials as a yoga teacher?  I recently returned from Netala, India (in the Himalayas) where I immersed myself in a month long intensive 200-hour course with the assigned designation of RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher -200 hundred hours of training). For details on my incredible experience, please see the blog post titled: YOGART STUDIO :: Life Lessons from a Goddess.

How can I follow YOGART STUDIO? In addition to subscribing to the blog, you can find YOGART STUDIO on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Flickr.

If you’d like to see an answer to your question, please see the YOGART STUDIO Contact page.

Comments & Privacy: comments that are deemed inappropriate, including general or self-promotional spam, offensive or harassing statements, rude language or comments unrelated to the post will be deleted. YOGART STUDIO does not and will not ever use or sell your email address or personal information given via blog comments, email or YOGART STUDIO mailing list under any circumstance.

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