YOGART STUDIO :: India finale

patricia gora

Warrior II at the Taj Mahal

YOGART STUDIO :: India finale

India continues to linger in my mind. The schism of India has left a permanent and heavy imprint on my heart and soul. It is a place that is made up of astonishing diversity, some of the most warm, kind-hearted and sincerest people in this world and also balances both cosmopolitan and humble, inspiring and heart-breaking, magnetic and repelling experiences. There truly is an India for everyone. The energy of India permeates from coast to coast and reflects back at you igniting feelings of excitement, magic, and bamboozlement that you thought were only possible to experience before the age of 10. An age and time of rapid growth and development and when it was still OK to play and have fun before the heaviness of growing-up weighed and settled you down. Although India is “growing up” to be a world leader and developing at an expeditious rate, it is still rooted in tradition yet wobbling into western ideals and consequently, it has the strength and ability to stir that child-like wonder and enthusiasm in even the most grounded skeptic. I absolutely cannot wait to return for an encore.

My final days…

I narrowly escaped a cloudburst. It was devastating to emerge from the secluded mediation course to find out that sudden flash floods in Uttarakhand took hundreds of lives and left thousands stranded. The incessant rain triggered massive landslides and washed away homes and shops. The ashram that I left only days prior to the catastrophe was flooded and the following teacher training course cancelled. As I boarded my flight out of Dehradun to Pune, the army was stationed at the airport as rescue teams were continuing to be sent in to evacuate thousands of pilgrims and local people that were suffering from a lack of food, clean drinking water and proper sanitation. I was on route to visit my dear friend Ranu who graciously invited me to stay with her family for a few days. I felt blessed.

yogart studio

The Times of India with a side of Ranu’s famous chai

As I read about the unfolding disasters in the north, I felt safe and comforted in Pune (just south of Mumbai) with Ranu and her family. Over the next few days I explored this fresh and quickly growing city, hung out with Ranu, her family and their friends and despite being in the world’s 2nd most populated country, it didn’t stop my friend Dani from spotting me! Big hugs and laughter ensued as she jumped out of the tuk-tuk to join me on the rainy and cloudy streets of Pune to question the sheer probability of such an unlikely run in.

yogart studio

Homemade yummy breakfast at Ranu’s! Iddli (steamed ricecakes) with cashews and mustard seeds with a big helping of coconut chutney

patricia gora

Fruitless market shopping since shoes in India don’t come in size ‘Sasquatch’

The grounds of the Aga Khan Palace which once served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi

The grounds (and beautiful curves) of the Aga Khan Palace which once served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi

yogart studio

Stunning shadow puppets made from goat hide on display at the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

yogart studio

Reunion! Dani, myself and Ranu at Shisha Cafe for drinks!

With only a few days left in India I headed back to Delhi to hang out with another dear friend. Kakoli also graciously invited me to stay with her and her family and immediately after checking into my Delhi guesthouse, sanity clicked in and I made my way to South Delhi to join her. We had a blast running around Delhi together pretending like I lived there and how these hangouts could turn into regular weekly pastimes. After all the delicious meals out, shopping, gallery hopping, early morning Sivananda yoga classes and even taking in the latest Bollywood flick to hit theatres, it was easy to imagine myself moving to Delhi! It’s amazing how quickly a feeling of “home” can sprout when you have a great friend to help it grow.

patricia gora

In the very artsy Hauz Kaz village…lots of great cafes, design shops, and vintage finds like old Bollywood posters 🙂

yogart studio

Passing by Ganesh on our way to yoga at the Sivananda Delhi Centre

yogart studio

Stopping by the fruit market to replenish our supply of mangos and lychees

yogart studio

A day trip to Agra to see the beautiful Taj Mahal

yogart studio

The always beautiful and elegant sari

yogart studio

Just because…

patricia gora

Spent the morning with an Indian Vogue getting my hair did! Long time coming after 2 months of roughing fused with Bollywood inspiration

yogart studio

Watching Kakoli’s (very cool) kid and his buddy warm up for their chess tournament

yogart studio


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