YOGART STUDIO :: Departure

yogart studio


YOGART STUDIO :: Departure 

I’m on my way! Final papers have been graded, final marks have been submitted and I have said (most of) my goodbyes. I’ve got a little more packing ahead of me and then I depart Canada tonight! I’m flying to London where I have a 9 hour layover so I’ve made plans to meet up with a girlfriend and venture out into the city for some exploring (expect lots of instagram photos). I arrive in Delhi Monday morning and will be blogging live until I depart for the Himalayas for my yoga teacher training course. I won’t have access to the internet while I am completing the course but I’ve prepared lots of posts with pre-set dates for publishing -as to not disturb my meditation 🙂 The posts offer more insight into YOGART STUDIO, my inspiration, and India travel plans. Check back often or join me on my adventure by following the YOGART STUDIO blog and on the following social media sites…

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Photos ~ Instagram via Flickr 

yogart studio

I took this pic as we were landing on Toronto Island from a 2012 NYC trip.

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