I have practiced yoga for more than 20 years, but few know that I was a classical dancer since I was little, that’s where all the body knowledge comes from, especially the practice of the Pilates method!

I wanted to clarify the difference between practicing Yoga and practicing the Pilates method. People often ask me about the difference between Yoga and Pilates. And which of the two do you recommend?

Always my recommendation is to practice both. Or much better, take a Yoga class that integrates the Pilates method. For example, I teach an integrated Yoga and Pilates class!

The focus of this special class is based on developing strength and flexibility, the difference between Yoga and Pilates is not physical, but philosophical!

Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen muscles. Yoga is a holistic discipline with its foundations based on oriental forms / postures of meditation. The body and mind connection occurs through the sequences between each posture. This explains the state of relaxation that is felt after a Yoga class.

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