Did you know, “breathing to deliver the placenta after the baby is born, use the same breathing that you employed for the birthing”. liz morales

At this time, I have the honor of training a yoga student who is expecting. Let me share some interesting facts to know about the practice of yoga when you are pregnant. This information has been the answers to many questions that my student asked me about the baby wellbeing during her yoga practice.


Modified Hight Lounge Pose

As an exclassical ballerina, many of the yoga routines, I designed for the mother to be are lively, invigorating, almost slow dance like! They get your breathing and circulation working, while keeping your spine stretched up and your chest open. It’s never too late to start a yoga pregnancy class, this is your time for you and your baby to bond! Especially, if you work during the week, at least once a week, you will get the benefits. 

The practice of yoga during pregnancy helps develop a mental strength to handle contractions during childbirth. The alignment of the spine, your posture can be improved simply by becoming aware and straightening up every time you notice that your belly is increasing in size.

But, the most important thing to learn is how to breathe for two! Deep breathing, help blood circulate through the abdominal organs and bring fresh, nourishing blood to your baby. Deep breathing is one of the ways to consciously connect with the baby, creating space for your baby energetically is important. As a yoga therapeutic teacher, I use Do Terra Breath Blend essential oil for the yoga pregnancy class. Do Terra oils are grade therapeutic oils; it means that they are safe for the mother and the baby.

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Yoga for pregnancy is more than a yoga class; it is the opportunity to learn more about natural wellbeing for you and your baby.

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