Yoga 200 Hours Certification

Yogart Miami by Liz has designed a program with a mind-body orientation, accessible to all levels and styles of yoga, because the fundamentals of yoga are the basis of all levels.

This program aims to educate anyone passionate about yoga, who wants to know the philosophical foundations of yoga to take their practice to a next level of knowledge and for those who want to train as yoga teachers.


  • Alignment: prepare and practice the fundamental postures of “Yoga Vinyasa Flow”.
  • Adjustments: how to help yourself, and others, to find a correct alignment in the postures.
  • Public Speaking / Leadership: the best way to learn is to teach. You will learn to guide your students in a safe way in the fundamental positions.
  • Yoga Breathing: Learn how to use yoga breaths to regulate your nervous system in a positive and natural way.
  • Sequencing & Vocabulary: learn how to chain postures for a fluid and fun practice.
  • Play with Advanced Postures: challenge yourself with postures on your hands, postures of balance, deep opening of the hips and much more. We will work as a couple, advancing step by step so that you are safe while you learn.

Let me know if you interested in this!

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