My Job is to Keep You Safe

Education is the base of a good yoga class. My students learn how to know their body language, vocabulary, alignment and breathing. My job is to keep the student safe during the yoga practice, as well:

  • Alignment: prepare and practice the fundamental postures of Vinyasa Flow yoga.
  • Adjustments: how to help you, to find a correct alignment in the postures.
  • Yoga Breathing: learn how to use the yoga breaths to regulate your nervous system in a positive and natural way.
  • Sequencing & Vocabulary: learn how to chain postures for a fluid and fun practice.
  • Play with Advanced Postures: challenge yourself with postures on the hands, balance postures, deep opening of the hips and much more fun.

I will work as a coach and trainer, advancing step by step so keep you safe while you are learning.

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