What is Yogart Miami about?

The practice of Yogart Miami by liz is for everyone! It is more than developing flexibility and strength; it also develops the Core Strength.

Core strength is a vital force that holds you steady in your practice. It keeps you upright in your standing poses, lends vitality in backbends, and enables you to maintain overall balance.  Without a strong physical center, every pose you do is in danger of falling apart from the inside out.

When you begin to engage the core along with consciousness, you will find that you can strengthen- your extremities, back, abs and thighs along with your self-esteem. The yoga practice develops that inner energy stemming from your heart.  It connects to your soul; and without even noticing it, you start growing your very own spiritual relationship.

Also, the practice of yoga brings benefits like resistance, concentration, reduction of stress, toning of the body and organs, increased vitality, improvement of blood circulation, and a smooth energy flow.

Yoga originates in the Sanskrit writings and it refers to the integration of physical and mental exercises designed to unite the body, mind, and spirit.

There are many styles of Yoga, but more important than the specific style, it’s the relationship and discoveries that it promotes within your own selves. Yoga its about the experience, they’re not enough words to describe its effects, only that it becomes an artistic expression of our souls.

Just Do Yoga and Love comes!

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