Yogart Miami is a coach-training practice based in basic yoga fundamentals. 

Yogart Miami By Liz is a simple customized concept based on Integrative Yoga Therapy with a private coaching. An specific method of yoga postures based on breathing, tapping, essencials oils, relaxation and meditation/mindfulness with gentle movements of the body. Functionality designed to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the body during daily life activities.

Do you know the benefits?

30-40 minutes of yoga practice per day can greatly improve strength and flexibility, release tension and stress, aid in weight loss,

Correct the appropriate posture,

Increase muscle and spine flexibility,

Improve balance, core and back strength,

Stretch and release tension from common pain-triggering points,

Gain fluidity of motion that helps you to be functional,

Facilitate sequential posing.

Yogart Miami By liz design is leading the way of coaching with a mind-body wellbeing-oriented warm and personal approach.

Accessible to all yoga styles practitioners because fundamentals are the base of all yoga practice-learning  levels.

Let’s start doing yoga together!


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